Phone Hacking: Former Mirror and NoTW journalist Dan Evans receives suspended sentence

Dan Evans, the journalist who helped blow the story that there was phone hacking at the News of the World gets his reward. He gets a one year suspended sentence for admitting what others tried to deny.

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Dan EvansThe former Sunday Mirror and News of the World journalist Dan Evans was, today, sentenced to 10 months’ imprisonment, suspended for one year. Mr Evans had pleaded guilty to two phone hacking offences, misconduct in a public office and perverting the course of justice by lying in a civil claim brought by Kelly Hoppen.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Two prosecution witnesses “thoroughly tainted”, Andy Coulson’s lawyer tells jury – Martin Hickman

Jury Put it out of your mind that anybody at the top of News International has to pay for the phone hacking scandal says Timothy Langdale Andy Coulson’s defence lawyer. Interesting!

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_44343516_timothylangdale203Day 110, Part 1: Two key prosecution witnesses against former News of the World editor Andy Coulson are “thoroughly tainted”, his lawyer told the phone hacking trial today.

Timothy Langdale QC, attacked the credibility of ex-NoW reporters Clive Goodman and Dan Evans at the start of his two-day closing speech at the Old Bailey.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Coulson denies hearing voicemail hacked from Sienna Miller’s phone – Martin Hickman

So Dan Evans was wrong when he said he played the hacked voicemail from Sienna Miller’s phone says Andy Coulson who can’t remember anything else that happened.

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Sienna-Miller-012Day 98, Part 1:  Andy Coulson today denied hearing a voicemail that had been hacked from Sienna Miller’s phone by one of his reporters, Dan Evans.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Andy Coulson, I did not knowingly recruit phone hacker to NOTW – Martin Hickman

Fascinating that Andy Coulson can’t remember anything Dan Evans told him about phone hacking when he interviewed him for a job and never even suspected that convicted hacker Clive Goodman had employed Glenn Mulcaire, who admitted hacking voicemails.

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media_andy_coulson_2Day 93, Part 1: Andy Coulson did not knowingly recruit a skilled phone-hacker to the News of the World, he told the Old Bailey today. Mr Coulson also denied Dan Evans played him a voicemail recording of a message he had intercepted from the phone of the actress Sienna Miller.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Former NOTW reporter insists Coulson hired him to hack phones – Martin Hickman

The disclosure about fiddling expenses does indeed happen. The question is did the story come from a source or hacking or both?

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CoulsonDay 50, Part 1: A former News of the World reporter insisted today that Andy Coulson had hired him to hack phones. Dan Evans said he had told Mr Coulson, then the NoW’s editor, about his skills in voicemail interception during a job interview at a London hotel.

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Phone Hacking Trial: NOTW reporter admits mistakes in phone hacking allegations – Martin Hickman

Dan Evans admits ” flawed recollection” as Andy Coulson’s lawyer demolishes the detail of his evidence – but he insists the encounter over hacking with Coulson took place even if it was a different day.

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media_andy_coulson_2Day 49, Part 2: A long-serving News of the World reporter has admitted making mistakes in his allegations about Andy Coulson’s involvement in phone hacking. At the start of his four-day testimony this week and in his police statement, Dan Evans said he had played the message left by Sienna Miller to Mr Coulson and another journalist at the NoW’s offices in Wapping on Tuesday 27 September 2005.

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Phone Hacking Trial: NOTW journalists often made up quotes, former reporter tells hacking trial – Martin Hickman

More interesting stuff about bad journalism including making up quotes as Dan Evans faces a tough cross examination about his evidence.

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News-of-the-World-006Day 49, Part 1: Journalists on the News of the World often made up quotes for publication in stories, former NoTW reporter Dan Evans told the phone hacking trial today. Asked about comments from “friends” of Sienna Miller in a NoTW story, Evans said that it might come as a shock to the court but not everything in a tabloid newspaper was the “nailed-on” truth.

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Phone Hacking Trial: “Carrying secret” of phone hacking drove NOTW journalist to cocaine, jury hears – Martin Hickman

This is tragic as well as scandalous. A journalist who says he is employed to illegally hack people in desperation to get a scoop. ends up drinking and taking cocaine. Sad reflection on the fate of some people in our profession.

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Dan Evans 2Day 48, Part 2:  A phone-hacking journalist told the Old Bailey today that he became so depressed at the News of the World that he “self-medicated” with cocaine. Giving evidence at the phone hacking trial, Dan Evans estimated that while at the NoTW he used cocaine “every couple of weeks.”

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Phone Hacking Trial: “Toeing the line”, NOTW phone hacker admits lying in Kelly Hoppen claim – Martin Hickman

Dan Evans’ admission that he lied in a witness statement about hacking a News of the World target in a previous breach of privacy claim is very interesting. Particularly when he claims in reply to cross examination from Andy Coulson’s QC that he had been caught up in an ” enormous conspiracy” to hide the truth that the News of the World was engaged in large scale phone hacking.

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dan evans credit bbcDay 48, Part 1:  Self-confessed phone hacker Dan Evans admitted lying when he was giving evidence to a court about his attempted voicemail interception of a News of the World target, the Old Bailey heard today.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Andy Coulson said Sienna Miller hacked message “brilliant”, trial hears – Martin Hickman

This evidence adds to Jude Law’s claims of phone hacking and alleges Andy Coulson knew about it . It come after the previous revelation that the News of the World also paid a close relative of Jude Law to tell them of his love woes. The fact that ten other journos are said by Dan Evans to know abut hacking is also fascinating – but they cannot be named for legal reasons.

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Sienna-Miller-012Day 47: Phone hacking supergrass Dan Evans played a recording of a hacked message to Andy Coulson while he was editing the News of the World, the Old Bailey heard today. Evans told the phone hacking trial that after he heard Sienna Miller declaring her love to James Bond actor Daniel Craig, Mr Coulson was “really animated”.

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