Phone Hacking Trial: Coulson denies hearing voicemail hacked from Sienna Miller’s phone – Martin Hickman

So Dan Evans was wrong when he said he played the hacked voicemail from Sienna Miller’s phone says Andy Coulson who can’t remember anything else that happened.

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Sienna-Miller-012Day 98, Part 1:  Andy Coulson today denied hearing a voicemail that had been hacked from Sienna Miller’s phone by one of his reporters, Dan Evans.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Sienna Miller, hacked phone messages “feasible”, trial hears – Martin Hickman

Sienna Miller’s testimony suggests the News of the World could have got the story through phone hacking – and the judge apologises to her for having to go through evidence about her private life to the court.

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Law Miller CraigDay 50, Part 2: Sienna Miller said today that she probably would have left the sort of phone messages that a former News of the World reporter claimed he hacked with the knowledge of the paper’s editor Andy Coulson.

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Phone Hacking Trial: NOTW journalists often made up quotes, former reporter tells hacking trial – Martin Hickman

More interesting stuff about bad journalism including making up quotes as Dan Evans faces a tough cross examination about his evidence.

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News-of-the-World-006Day 49, Part 1: Journalists on the News of the World often made up quotes for publication in stories, former NoTW reporter Dan Evans told the phone hacking trial today. Asked about comments from “friends” of Sienna Miller in a NoTW story, Evans said that it might come as a shock to the court but not everything in a tabloid newspaper was the “nailed-on” truth.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Andy Coulson said Sienna Miller hacked message “brilliant”, trial hears – Martin Hickman

This evidence adds to Jude Law’s claims of phone hacking and alleges Andy Coulson knew about it . It come after the previous revelation that the News of the World also paid a close relative of Jude Law to tell them of his love woes. The fact that ten other journos are said by Dan Evans to know abut hacking is also fascinating – but they cannot be named for legal reasons.

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Sienna-Miller-012Day 47: Phone hacking supergrass Dan Evans played a recording of a hacked message to Andy Coulson while he was editing the News of the World, the Old Bailey heard today. Evans told the phone hacking trial that after he heard Sienna Miller declaring her love to James Bond actor Daniel Craig, Mr Coulson was “really animated”.

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