Phone Hacking Trial: Summing up, Coulson made no effort to inquire into extent of phone hacking at NoTW in 2004 – Martin Hickman

The judge makes two very important points re Andy Coulson revealing David Blunkett’s affair with Kimberley Quinn – first a public interest justification that he was breaching security was never revealed in the public article- and secondly when he realised Blunkett’s phone had been hacked – he made no further inquiries way back in 2004 to find out whether phone hacking was widespread at the News of the World. One can only wonder why.

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Phone hacking claimsDay 117: Andy Coulson made no attempt to inquire into the extent of phone hacking at the News of the World in 2004 after the chief reporter eavesdropped the messages of the Home Secretary, the Old Bailey was told today.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Blunkett hacking “hung around” Coulson’s neck like a “like an albatross” trial hears – Martin Hickman

More argument from Andy Coulson’s lawyer that the editor knew nothing about phone hacking or what Glenn Mulcaire did.

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Andy CoulsonDay 111: Andy Coulson’s admission that he knew about the hacking of David Blunkett has been “hung around his neck like an albatross” at the phone hacking trial, his lawyer said today.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Coulson tells jury of “irony” over exposing Blunkett affair – Martin Hickman

So love cheat Andy Coulson says he knows he made a mistake exposing the David Blunkett affair by hacking his love messages – while engaged in an affair himself with Rebekah Brooks. But he can’t bring himself to admit he is a hypocrite.

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Coulson BrooksDay 95, Part 1: Andy Coulson today told the hacking trial he was aware of the “irony” of his newspaper exposing an affair by a senior politician while having a long-running extra-marital affair himself.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Brooks unable to recall how The Sun established Blunkett story – Martin Hickman

Extraordinary amnesia by Rebekah Brooks over the Blunkett lover story – did Andy Coulson who she was having an on off affair herself tell her or not?

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David-Blunkett-010_0 Day 64, Part 2:  Rebekah Brooks was unable today to remember how The Sun established the identity of Home Secretary David Blunkett’s lover hours after the News of the World being edited by her close friend Andy Coulson revealed the relationship.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Brooks: The Sun didn’t rely on phone hacking to ID Blunkett’s lover – Martin Hickman

Another phone hacking denial from Rebekah Brooks- this over Blunkett’s affair

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BlunkettDay 58:   The Sun did not rely on phone hacking to establish the identity of Home Secretary David Blunkett’s lover, the Old Bailey heard today.

Kimberly Quinn was named by the redtop as being Mr Blunkett’s partner on Monday 16 April 2004, the day after its Sunday sister the News of the World broke the news of the affair between the Labour politician and the married woman.

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How love cheat Andy Coulson turned over David Blunkett- Hacking Trial

andy coulson -turned over David Blunkett Pic courtesy: Press Gazette

andy coulson -turned over David Blunkett Pic courtesy: Press Gazette

Details of how the police discovered highly personal messages between David Blunkett and Kimberley Quinn in a News International lawyer’s safe were revealed at the hacking trial today.
A report by Martin Hickman on the Hacked Off website also shows how Andy Coulson faced up David Blunkett – knowing possibly they had hacked phones of close colleagues – and was happy to intrude into Blunkett’s private life.
He reports: Transcripts of “deeply personal and intrusive” messages between Labour politician David Blunkett and his lover Kimberly Quinn were found in a safe at Britain’s biggest newspaper group, the hacking trial heard today.
Prosecutor Andrew Edis QC, told the jury that a series of mobile phone messages left for the publisher by the then Home Secretary were recovered from News International lawyer Tom Crone’s safe.”
…”Mr Blunkett had left voicemails on Mrs Quinn’s mobile phone in July 2004, in the weeks before the News of the World revealed the relationship in a front-page splash. A “draft” story about the affair, in which the writer chief reporter Neville Thurlbeck had used the children’s character’s Noddy and Big Ears in place of Mr Blunkett and Mrs Quinn, was also discovered in Mr Crone’s safe.”
Later Coulson faced up Blunkett.
Martin Hickman reports: “The court was later played a tape of a 20-minute meeting between Mr Coulson and Mr Blunkett on 13 August 2004 in which the journalist asked the politician to confirm the affair.

During the meeting, which took place two days before the story was published and which Mr Blunkett recorded, Mr Blunkett maintained that his private life should stay private. He asked Mr Coulson: “You’re asking me to say I’ve had a relationship with a married woman?”

Mr Coulson responded: “I want nothing more.”

One can only admire the audacity of a man putting down a Labour Cabinet minister in the very year he ended a six year clandestine relationship with Rebekah Brooks ( then Wade). The real salacious story seems to be their relationship which of course was not to be published. Obviously not in the public interest. Luckily for them nobody tapped their phones.