Justice Saunders Sentencing Remarks at the Hacking Trial

What the judge said about Coulson and the other defendants in full.Andy Coulson got 18 months in jail.

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R –v- Coulson and others.

Sentencing Remarks

Parliament has decided that it is a criminal offence to access the voicemails of other people without their consent or an order of the court. Parliament has decided that the offence applies to members of the press in the same way as it does to all other citizens. This law provides the same protection to all citizens including those who, for one reason or another, are in the public eye. Parliament set the maximum sentence for the offence of intercepting communications at 2 years imprisonment and Parliament has decided that the same maximum sentence applies to an offence of conspiracy which can cover, as it does in this case, a very large number of individual offences.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Summing up, Coulson made no effort to inquire into extent of phone hacking at NoTW in 2004 – Martin Hickman

The judge makes two very important points re Andy Coulson revealing David Blunkett’s affair with Kimberley Quinn – first a public interest justification that he was breaching security was never revealed in the public article- and secondly when he realised Blunkett’s phone had been hacked – he made no further inquiries way back in 2004 to find out whether phone hacking was widespread at the News of the World. One can only wonder why.

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Phone hacking claimsDay 117: Andy Coulson made no attempt to inquire into the extent of phone hacking at the News of the World in 2004 after the chief reporter eavesdropped the messages of the Home Secretary, the Old Bailey was told today.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Summing up, Recruitment Agency boss remembered call by Stuart Kuttner about Milly Dowler message – Martin Hickman

Judge emphasises significance of the Milly Dowler hacking by News of the World

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???????????????????????Day 116: The judge today reminded the jury that the boss of a recruitment agent who left a hacked message on Milly Dowler’s phone firmly remembered being called about it by the paper’s managing editor, Stuart Kuttner.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Stuart Kuttner an “old school” journalist whose only fault was trusting others, jury told – Martin Hickman

A big defence of Stuart Kuttner by his lawyer Jonathan Caplan who believes he shouldn’t have been prosecuted. Probably his most interesting statement is this : He suggested that the Crown Prosecution Service should have had more important targets to go after. Stressing public money was tight, Mr Caplan said: “The impression in this case has been that no resource has been spared by the Crown Prosecution Service or the police in investigating this case – and propelling it here as a high-profile prosecution.”

Referring to the glass wall of the dock, he added: “In these courts, they’re mostly used to dealing with murder or terrorism or other cases of that kind.”

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KuttnerDay 112:  Stuart Kuttner, the News of the World’s managing editor, is an “old school” journalist whose only fault was that he trusted the paper’s staff, his lawyer told the phone hacking trial today.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Clive Goodman: CPS had evidence incriminating three NOTW execs in 2006 – Martin Hickman

So Clive Goodman has now implicated THREE News International executives for involvement in phone hacking and the Crown Prosecution Service for not wanting to prosecute them. Extraordinary claim against Coulson that he could arrange for Goodman not to go to prison. Goodman was later jailed for four months. Wow!

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News Of The WorldDay 72: The Crown Prosecution Service had evidence incriminating three News of the World executives in phone hacking seven years ago – but made a decision to limit the case to the paper’s royal editor Clive Goodman, he claimed at the Old Bailey today.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Brooks knew ‘rogue reporter’ hacking defence was shaky, Old Bailey hears – Martin Hickman

So Rebekah Brooks did know 18 months before it became public that Clive Goodman was no rogue reporter and was prepared to offer a deal to Max Clifford to save News International’s reputation.

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Rebekah Brooks at the Old Bailey in March Day 61, Part 1:  News International’s chief executive Rebekah Brooks knew that the company’s lone “rogue reporter” defence against phone hacking was “shaky” a year and a half before it changed its public position, the Old Bailey heard today.

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