Hacking trial :Charlie Brooks and Kuttner’s Costs Application Rejected : Judge’s statement in full

Peter Jukes reports here that Mr Justice Saunders has rejected claims totalling £630,000 from the taxpayer for costs by Charlie Brooks and Stuart Kuttner. Both were acquitted in the hacking trial. But the judge says they put themselves under suspicion and he refused their applications. The judge is right in my view. The judge’s ruling is published in full in this blog.

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While News UK withdrew, at the last minute, their £10-20 million application for costs for Brooks and other corporately defended clients, the claim by Charlie Brooks and Stuart for their private expenses has also been rejected my Mr Justice Saunders today: his full decision is below. Charlie had claimed half a million for his defence, while Stuart Kuttner £130,000  for his individual costs.

Meanwhile, Private Eye has added more detail to the reason News UK withdrew it’s cost application ten days ago,

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Phone Hacking Trial: Neville Thurlbeck: NOTW phone hacking sanctioned by Stuart Kuttner and three other executives – Martin Hickman

Further problems for Andy Coulson prior to his sentencing as Neville Thurbeck’s mitigation plea says phone hacking was sanctioned by him and Stuart Kuttner, the managing editor, who was acquitted by the jury last week.

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Neville ThurlbeckPhone hacking at the News of the World was sanctioned by managing editor Stuart Kuttner and three other top executives at Rupert Murdoch’s UK newspaper group, one of its most senior journalists told a court yesterday.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Prosecution; Brooks, Coulson and Kuttner knew all about phone hacking – Martin Hickman

Andrew Edis’s savage indictment of Brooks, Coulson and Kuttner over phone hacking.

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CoulsonBrooksKuttnerDay 106, Part 2:   Rebekah Brooks, Andy Coulson and Stuart Kuttner knew all about phone hacking from the time the News of the World targeted Milly Dowler and did nothing to stop it carrying on for years, the Old Bailey was told today.

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Phone Hacking Trial: The “first instinct” of NOTW executives was to cover up, prosecutor tells jury – Martin Hickman

Andrew Edis vigorously pursues his case that there has been a cover up at the top of the News of the World

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???????????????????????Day 101, Part 2:  It seemed the “first instinct” of News of the World executives after the arrest of phone hacking royal editor Clive Goodman and private detective Glenn Mulcaire was to launch a cover-up, the Old Bailey heard yesterday.

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Phone Hacking Trial: News of the World exec was “gentleman,” says Sara Payne – Martin Hickman

Sarah Payne’s mum testifies for ” sweet natured” Rebekah Brooks and ” gentleman” Stuart Kuttner.
Fact: Her details were discovered by Operation Weeting on hacker Glenn Mulcaire’s files.

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Sara-PayneDay 89, Part 2:  The mother of murdered eight-year-old Sarah Payne today paid tribute to two defendants at the phone hacking trial.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Former PCC boss pays tribute to alleged phone hacker – Martin Hickman

A strong defence of Stuart Kuttner from Guy Black, the Conservative peer, and former director of the Press Complaints Commission.

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lord-blackDay 89: A newspaper executive on trial at the Old Bailey was an influential behind-the-scenes advisor to the Press Complaints Commission, a former PCC boss told the court today.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Kuttner: I didn’t need to check payments totalling thousands of pounds – Martin Hickman

A man in charge of a £30m budget paid all his hacks expenses on trust -fascinating insight into business methods.

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Stuart KuttnerDay 88, Part 2: One of Rupert Murdoch’s senior executives did not check payments by the News of the World’s reporters because he trusted them, he told the phone hacking trial today.

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Kuttner’s Notes of Conversation with Goodman Just After his Arrest

Here is the News International hand written document released by the Crown Prosecution Service and written by Stuart Kuttner that contains the evidence that Andy Coulson knew about information leaked from MI6 bugging reaching the paper

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As discussed in evidence yesterday and today, the CPS have released a redacted version of Stuart Kuttner‘s contemporaneous notes of his discussion with former NOTW Royal Reporter Clive Goodman, dated 10th August 2006, soon after he was released from his arrest and questioning by police in the initial Operation Caryatid investigation into phone hacking.

This evidence is currently being adduced by Andrew Edis QC, as he cross examines Kuttner in the witness box. The original pages are from the NI archives, where Kuttner explains he filed most his notebooks. The transcript is an agreed document

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Phone Hacking Trial: Reporter: Coulson knew about MI6 buggings – Martin Hickman

An extraordinary disclosure about Andy Coulson, the editor of the News of the World, being told by Clive Goodman that he got MI6 intercepts

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Clive GoodmanDay 88:  Andy Coulson, the News of the World’s then editor, was alleged by a senior journalist to have been part of a criminal plot to receive information covertly obtained from MI6 wire tappings, the phone hacking trial heard today.

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Phone Hacking Trial: News of the World exec: I helped ‘phone hacker’ out of duty – Martin Hickman

The kind side of Stuart Kuttner helping Goodman as he reels from the shock of phone hacking and his arrest

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Stuart KuttnerDay 87: A senior News of the World executive lent his personal support to a reporter arrested for phone hacking because he and News International liked to help senior staff in difficulty, he told the Old Bailey today.

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