Phone Hacking Trial: Jury retire to consider their verdicts – Martin Hickman

Soon ( even if it days or weeks) the jury’s verdict on this amazing trial.

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Old-Bailey1080Day 119: After eight months sitting silently in a court at the Old Bailey the jury at the phone hacking trial retired this afternoon to consider their verdicts.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Consider how News International execs behaved after Goodman’s arrest, jury told – Martin Hickman

The Judge: The deletion of 3.5 million emails at the News of the World in 2010 ” not the most successful damage limitation exercise ever mounted.” Quite.

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News Of The WorldDay 118: Jurors should consider how News International’s executives behaved after the arrest of the News of the World’s royal editor Clive Goodman for phone hacking, the Old Bailey heard today.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Goodman Lied when he gave evidence, judge suggests – Martin Hickman

The judge gives a damning indictment against Clive Goodman, the royal reporter, accusing him of lying over the extent of his phone hacking. He couldn’t have possibly forgotten he had hacked into Prince William, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton’s phones! damning indeed!

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Clive GoodmanDay 117, Part 2: Clive Goodman, the “rogue reporter” blamed by News International for phone hacking at the News of the World, lied when he gave evidence at the current phone hacking trial, the judge suggested today.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Summing up, Coulson made no effort to inquire into extent of phone hacking at NoTW in 2004 – Martin Hickman

The judge makes two very important points re Andy Coulson revealing David Blunkett’s affair with Kimberley Quinn – first a public interest justification that he was breaching security was never revealed in the public article- and secondly when he realised Blunkett’s phone had been hacked – he made no further inquiries way back in 2004 to find out whether phone hacking was widespread at the News of the World. One can only wonder why.

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Phone hacking claimsDay 117: Andy Coulson made no attempt to inquire into the extent of phone hacking at the News of the World in 2004 after the chief reporter eavesdropped the messages of the Home Secretary, the Old Bailey was told today.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Mr Justice Saunders begins three-day summing up – Martin Hickman

The judge begins his summing up. Strictly no comment.

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Mr Justice SaundersDay 115: Jurors in Court 12 of the Old Bailey will have to determine three key issues about phone hacking at the News of the World: how much was there, when – and who knew?, the judge said today.

Beginning his three-day summing up in the phone hacking trial, Mr Justice John Saunders said the jury should disregard all extraneous matters when deciding whether the seven defendants were guilty or not guilty.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Coulson was a “straightforward and upfront witness” who should be acquitted, jury told – Martin Hickman

You must acquit Andy Coulson now, his lawyer tells jurors – adding that Mr Coulson is not the big ” I am “. He hasn’t committed a single offence!

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Andy CoulsonDay 111, Part 2: Andy Coulson was a “straightforward and upfront witness” who should be acquitted of phone hacking, the Old Bailey was told yesterday.

Timothy Langdale, QC, for Mr Coulson, said the former editor of the News of the World had tackled difficult questions in the witness box “without shilly-shallying or obfuscation.”

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Phone Hacking Trial: Blunkett hacking “hung around” Coulson’s neck like a “like an albatross” trial hears – Martin Hickman

More argument from Andy Coulson’s lawyer that the editor knew nothing about phone hacking or what Glenn Mulcaire did.

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Andy CoulsonDay 111: Andy Coulson’s admission that he knew about the hacking of David Blunkett has been “hung around his neck like an albatross” at the phone hacking trial, his lawyer said today.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Coulson faced “two prosecution speeches” his lawyer complains – Martin Hickman

Savage attack on Clive Goodman by Andy Coulson’s lawyer who accuses the former reporter of telling ” any lie” if it suits him. A tale of vengeance against the embattled ex editor and Cameron’s former press spokesman.

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Former News Of The World Editor Andy Coulson Faces Arrest As Part Of Phone Hacking InvestigationDay 110, Part 2:  Andy Coulson, former editor of the News of the World, has faced two prosecution speeches at the phone hacking trial: one from the prosecution and a second from ex-royal editor Clive Goodman, his lawyer complained today.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Two prosecution witnesses “thoroughly tainted”, Andy Coulson’s lawyer tells jury – Martin Hickman

Jury Put it out of your mind that anybody at the top of News International has to pay for the phone hacking scandal says Timothy Langdale Andy Coulson’s defence lawyer. Interesting!

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_44343516_timothylangdale203Day 110, Part 1: Two key prosecution witnesses against former News of the World editor Andy Coulson are “thoroughly tainted”, his lawyer told the phone hacking trial today.

Timothy Langdale QC, attacked the credibility of ex-NoW reporters Clive Goodman and Dan Evans at the start of his two-day closing speech at the Old Bailey.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Closing Speech, Clive Goodman “groomed” to take sole blame for phone hacking- Martin Hickman

Damning summing up by David Spens for defendant Clive Goodman who says he was ” groomed ” by Andy Coulson to take the phone hacking rap so other NI executives could escape blame.

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davidspens(1)Day 109: Clive Goodman, the News of the World’s royal editor, was “groomed” to take sole blame for the phone hacking scandal, his lawyer told a court today.

Making his closing speech at the phone hacking trial, David Spens, QC, said his client was encouraged by executives to stay silent in 2006-07 about the full scale of illegality at the paper as part of a “cynical” cover-up.

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